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Book Review: The Basque Book

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The newest cookbook in my collection is one that I cannot wait to try with all of the fresh produce that is hitting the farmer’s markets. The Basque Book by Alexandra (Alex) Raij with Eder Montero and Rebecca Flint Marx really does feel like a love letter to Basque cuisine. I like to think that I have a good handle on cuisines of the world, but when I saw this book’s title I realized that I didn’t know much (if anything) about Basque cuisine.

The book takes fresh ingredients and prepares them in a way that highlights the essence of the ingredient rather than taking mediocre ingredients and coaxing them into performing. I have a long list of recipes I am excited to try including the marinated mushrooms with vermouth and garlic (page 52), Eder’s avocado salad (page 98), summer tomatoes with sweet onion (page 106) and paprika marinated pork loin roast (page 226).

I recommend this book to anyone that loves fresh, seasonal cuisine and is looking for recipes to transport them to the hills of the Basque country.

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