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headshot with hannahWelcome to Radishes are Pink!

Hi!  My name is Sarah.  I am a wife, mother, registered dietitian and food enthusiast.  I hope your time here is well spent.  Through this website I will share my adventures in feeding my family, tips for eating healthfully in a realistic way, my perspective on nutrition-related topics and some of my favorite things.

Here is a little more about me:

I am originally from upstate New York and after receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Biology with a Minor in Health Science from SUNY Oswego I joined the United States Army (hooah!).  While on active duty in Washington, D.C. I met my hubby-bubby.  When my active duty obligation was complete we got hitched and headed to Dayton, Ohio for his next assignment.  After moving to Ohio I completed a Master’s degree in Dietetics at Eastern Michigan University and worked in clinical dietetics.  We recently made a big move from Ohio to Germany and have been loving our adventures.  We are looking forward to exploring Germany and the rest of Europe and I hope to share as much as I can of these experiences with you!

My favorite foods: anything Indian or Mediterranean, beans of all varieties, soups

My dislikes: Alfredo sauce

Some more about the other characters:

Hubby-bubby is in the United States Air Force and often works long days and weeks and takes business trips.  He is a die-hard Florida Gators fan and an adventurous eater and traveler.  He won me over on one of our first dates by making me homemade pasta (and homemade croutons and dressing for the salad, too!).  Needless to say, I was smitten then and still am.  Hubby-bubby is a great cook and willing to eat just about anything I make.

Hubby-bubby’s favorite foods: steak, pork, pasta, hearty main courses with lighter sides, sushi, Mexican food

Hubby-bubby’s dislikes: mushrooms, raw tomatoes, soups (we can sneak by with calling it “stew” sometimes), the Florida State Seminoles and olives

Hannah, my angel girl, is 4 years old.  She loves to help in the kitchen.  She will help to measure and count ingredients and help stir.  She can often be found dragging a chair across the kitchen if she thinks there is any chance cooking will be taking place.  Hannah loves to try new foods and will let us know when she doesn’t like something.  She once ate about a teaspoon of wasabi and claimed it tasted like bubblegum and that she liked it…even when her eyes started watering.

Hannah’s favorite foods: radishes (she loves radishes because “radishes are pink!”), sushi (at least one roll must contain tuna and her meal is not complete without 2 bowls of miso soup, carrot and ginger salad, edamame and mochi ice cream), pasta, seafood (especially shrimp) and ham

Hannah’s dislikes: black olives (after a bout of food poisoning, ugh), raw tomatoes

Ryan, my sweet boy, is 3 years old.  He tries to “help” in the kitchen…this usually means taking things out of the pantry, taking the lid off a spice tin and dumping it on the floor.  He is a spunky little rascal and will do his “happy eating dance” when he really likes what he is eating.  Mealtime with a preschooler is always an adventure from learning his manners (we don’t yell “NAPKIN!”, we should use our fork, etc) to asserting his independence.

Ryan’s favorite foods: pasta, fruit of all kinds, beans, rice, tomatoes and spinach salad

Ryan’s dislikes: all other leafy green things that are not doused in sour cream or dressing

Chloe, my little babycake, is still an infant.  She is a great little breastfeeder and has just started eating foods.  She loves to jump in her jumper or sit on a blanket with toys right next to the kitchen (safety first!) when the rest of us are in there whipping something together.

Chloe’s favorite foods: breastmilk (okay, maybe not technically a food, but definitely her main source of nutrition), pureed squash, sweet potatoes, Giada’s mashed potatoes

Chloe’s dislikes: no real dislikes yet, though she does give me the stink eye with green foods sometimes (I am praying this is only because they aren’t orange)


pirate family

Thank you for spending time with us!  I hope you’ll come back soon!

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